Ian Arthur, MPP Kingston and the Islands

Government of Ontario

Members' Statement: Hallway medicine crisis in Kingston

Published on November 15, 2018

Today I rose in the house to speak about the hallway medicine crisis in Kingston.

Mr. Ian Arthur: Last week I had the pleasure of welcoming the leader of the official opposition to my riding of Kingston and the Islands. We met families who are concerned about the hallway medicine crisis in the Kingston area.

These are everyday people who have done everything right. They work hard and they contribute in so many ways to our community. Fundamentally, they deserve good health care and access to timely primary care when they need it. But in Kingston and across Ontario, far too many do not have it when they need it. Too many people are waiting years to access primary care or get a family doctor.

In Kingston, the situation is so bad that our city council passed a resolution asking the Ontario government to address this issue. We have heard from community members who are waiting years to see a specialist or to get access to a family doctor, and others who drive for hours because they are too scared to give up their previous doctors in cities far from Kingston, as this would mean going on the wait-list, which is years long.

One person in Kingston and the Islands without a family doctor is one person too many, and for too long the reality of this lack of primary care was ignored in my riding. I plan to work with all local stakeholders to build a sustainable, long-term solution to the doctor shortage in Kingston and the Islands.