Ian Arthur, MPP Kingston and the Islands

Government of Ontario

Members' Statement: Cancellation of cap-and-trade

Published on October 17, 2018

Today I spoke about the release of the Financial Accountability Office report on the government's cancellation of the cap-and-trade program.

Mr. Ian Arthur: Yesterday morning, the Financial Accountability Office released their report on the government’s cancellation of the cap-and-trade program along with most of the Climate Change Action Plan, and the numbers are staggering. The FAO announced that these cancellations will result in a hit of $3 billion to the province’s bottom line, increasing the annual deficit by nearly $800 million by 2021-22.

The government’s compensation strategy of $5 million excludes 99% of allowances purchased by businesses. If these companies are not compensated, these costs will be passed on to the consumer, and that is not money in the pockets of Ontarians.

How much more will be spent on lawsuits? Will Ontario lose the $420 million in federal funding, at risk because we do not have a climate change plan? The government intends on spending about $500 million per year on CCAP programs, but this government is picking and choosing which programs will be cut and which are going to be kept. We know the GreenON program was cancelled, but which ones are being kept at the expense of the taxpayers in Ontario? How did the government choose which programs are going to be kept and what ridings do they affect?

Mr. Speaker, I smell another billion-dollar boondoggle on its way.